Drive in English

Citrom Driving School is proud to announce that uniquely in the Kaposvar region it offers category “B” courses in English for non-native speakers.


If you want a B category driving license or you already have a license but you need confidence boosting training or training with a manual gearshift car then you’ll be in good hands at Citrom Driving School.


Application requirements:

– At least 16,5 year of age

– Elementary or High School certificate (translated to Hungarian by OFFI – call for     


– You are not under any prohibition

– Medical certificate from your doctor

– Existing driving license (if you have any)

– Valid Residency and address card

– You can take the theoretical exam at 16 year 9 months of age

– You can take the driving exam at 17 year of age.


Details of the category B course:


1. Theoretical course: 

The course subjects include traffic rules, driving theory, basic car mechanics. 


There are two options for taking the course:

  • E-Learning (own schedule, individually)

  • E-Learning with personal consultation

2. Driving Practice (50 minute lessons):

In accordance with Hungarian laws, the mandatory required minimum is 29 lessons/580km driving (9 hrs base training, 14 hrs city driving, 4hrs highway driving, 2 hrs night driving +1 hour driving exam).


Please note that this is the mandatory minimum required by the laws but the individual driving ability greatly varies from person to person. As you progress with your driving lessons your instructor will advice you based on your circumstances.


3. First Aid course:

6 classes


4. Costs:

E-Learning course –

E-Learning with personal consultation –

Driving lessons –

S.O.S Driving lessons (10hrs/week guaranteed) –


Theoretical exam –

Driving exam –


First Aid course – 

First Aid exam – 


Medical certificate (family doctor doctor, school doctor) – 


Driving license issuing fee –


For additional information and application please call +36-70-569-4684 

or email